How Does It Work?

Having your taxes prepared virtually is much different than just using some do it yourself software. Income tax preparation done virtually is having an income tax expert prepare your tax returns without the need for you to travel to their office. An initial consultation is done via video conferencing with a tax preparer who will discuss what your goals are. Then you fill out a secure form and upload all the required tax related documentation. Once your tax returns are prepared, a time for a follow up call or video conference is scheduled so that the tax return can be reviewed with you. Only after you have given your approval will the return be filed electronically for you.

Am I Better Off Having An Accountant Prepare My Returns?

While the Federal Government has attempted to simplify the tax code, it can be a losing proposition to do your own tax preparation. Software can be an option if tax assistance isn’t needed, but for anything beyond a simple return, please contact a tax preparer who can provide the financial information and tax help that you need.

Is Tax Preparation Secure When Prepared Virtually?

At Tax House Miami, we take the security of our clients’ personal information extremely seriously. Our online services and data collection are secure. (Please contact us the get more information about the steps we take to make your tax preparation secure online).

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Taxes Prepared Virtually?

  • Your income tax preparation is done by an experienced professional
  • You can easily upload all of your required documents online. The fact that many employers provided tax documents electronically supports this.
  • It’s very easy to contact your preparer if help is needed at any time during the process.
  • Since you don’t have to come into the office, you can free yourself from dealing with Miami traffic.
  • Free tax information is available year round to all our clients.
  • This process is the most efficient way to get tax help every year.
  • Highest refunds – we work to get you as much money back as possible.
  • Extended hours are available throughout the season. Free yourself from having to take care of this during traditional office hours.

Individuals or businesses, Tax House Miami wants to be your Miami tax return preparation service. You may search for us on Google – you will find tons of positive reviews from happy clients. In addition, we provide other services including accounting, IRS audit advice, tax filing assistance, etc.

We are a local business in your community, make an appointment today. Call us for Virtual Tax Prep at (786) 615-2009.